Thursday, January 21, 2010

Biblio-deer; Mountainous; Google quirks; Starship Captains

First off, a bit of fun:

Somewhere someone said (Joyce Carol Oates, maybe) " In books, as in life, we are often surprised by what others choose."

I'd like to officially congratulate Bruce Taylor for the publication (Landis Review Press) and printing (Third Place Press-- us!) of his newest book "Mountains of the Night".
Bruce came to us with his book and worked with me on the design of the cover and the interiors.He's had full input on every aspect of his book's production. I'm pretty proud of the final product and glad I can finally tell the world it's here.

 So while the KOMO people filmed and asked questions, I posed in front of Ginger's console pretending to be 'book-making'. My default behavior is to search the database with a random word, in this case 'circus', and see what pops up. I looked intense, thoughtful, masterly, printerly...constipated?
I came across "Fighting the Flying Circus" By Eddie Rickenbacker, a memoir by the WWI flying Ace. Reading parts, while KOMO went about its business, I found his prose to be quite warm and inviting, very down-to-earth. It could almost be read by Young Adults interested in personal accounts of the Great War.

Another gem was "Amateur Circus Life: a New Method of Physical Development for Boys and Girls, Based on the Ten Elements of Simple Tumbling and Adapted from the Practice of Professional Acrobats" by Ernest Berkeley Balch. It was, as the lengthy title suggests, a new exercise regimen for youth based on circus performers. I'm assuming that it was written at the height of the popularity of circuses.
Sort of like someone publishing a book called "The Survivor Diet: ways to lose weight and defeat your enemies, based on the hit reality series." I think someone has published a book like that...

As of this writing, our friends over at the University Bookstore, in the U-District, should be elbow-deep in the installation of their own EBM. Last week we hosted them here at Third Place Press for a tour and a chance to meet Ginger. It was interesting seeing how they processed watching Ginger go through her paces.
It was also nice to meet my counterpart who will be dealing with the subtle movements and moods of their EBM.
Days later I felt that we were part of an exclusive club; not elitist, but more like individuals who have seen and understood things few have.
Like Starship Captains.
Maybe with my counterparts across the US and the globe we'll form a special club, get badges, secret handshakes, meet once a year in a secret chalet in the Alps (or a moon orbiting a Gas Giant in some nearby galaxy)... One can dream right? Anyhow, I wish them luck and look forward to meeting their EBM, "_____".

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