Monday, December 21, 2009

Busy, Busy Digital Bees...

It's been a busy 4-5 days for Ginger and myself. There was some kind of sea-change; whether it was a coincidental need amongst our customers, of the availability of particular books on the EBM database, or the Third Place Press employees becoming more familiar with the times we switch to searching for a POD title--something definitely happened.

We've printed one book for a Self-Publishing customer (actually a small publisher that wanted to present her author with a 'quick' copy while the hardback print-run goes to another press), and several books.

A sampling of titles shows how diverse people's interests are: "American Nervousness", "Invisible Storytellers: Voice-over narration in American Fiction Film", "Cooking with Spices for Dummies", "Adventures of Piang The Moro Jungle Boy", "Education, Health Knowledge, and Child Health in Coastal Ghana", "Autobiography of a Super-Tramp". An even balance of Google Editions & in-print titles shows Google was onto something when they first started digitizing vast collections of books.

I'm printing another book as I write this, occasionally wrestling with Ginger when she acts up (as all technology does eventually"; helping out over at the store with the mad rush of Christmas shoppers; endeavoring  to work on "Leaves of Grass" amid the madness.

It's an odd Christmas; I've hardly felt it--the usual retail stress-- a new kind of calmer stress, more like a manageable sense of pressure, suffuses my days at work. It's a change I very much prefer.

And another day ends, and another day begins...

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